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If you have decided to add some exclusive additions to your room and make it warm and cozy or fashionable and elegant, then Regency Quality Construction is the best choice for you to make room additions, including:

- media rooms,
- spare bedrooms,
- mother-in-law quarters
- extra bathroom
- kitchen expansion
Making any addition to your room is risky, especially when you aren’t settled on your choices; however, our dedicated staff are experts and make many customers confident and happy with their choices.
The mission of Regency Quality Construction is to meet our clients needs and exceed their expectations in designing, planning and building room additions. Our staff are very punctual, hard working, and knowledgeable artisans who will make sure that when the project is finished the client is happy with the result.

Restricted by zoning or neighborhood associations?

Regency Quality Construction can expand the usable space inside your home without necessarily adding square footage.
- Closet conversions
- Playroom for children from an unused den
- Relaxation or meditation room from a back patio
- Fitness room from a garage
When it comes to installing a state-of-the-art media room, you can’t beat Regency Quality Construction.
- Acoustic design
- Stadium seating
- Theater chairs
- State-of-the-art entertainment
Whatever your vision for your home, we will work with you to make it reality.

Thinking of putting your house on the market?

Consider re-investing in your home beforehand by adding in that extra square footage. Regency Quality Construction can help you increase the market value of your home. Call us today.